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Human Trafficking Investigation: Online

According to authorities, between 600,000 and 800,000 people are trafficked each year between nations against their will for purposes of sexual exploitation or slave labor. This estimate doesn't include the millions of others trafficked within their own countries. Despite its international nature, human trafficking is not just a problem for Interpol and federal level law enforcement, but local agencies as well. Victims of human trafficking can be encountered almost anywhere in the world, from child armies in West Africa to massage parlors in small town America.

In this five-hour online program, criminologist Tony Attanasio explores the problem of contemporary human trafficking, legal aspects of human trafficking, working with victims, and unique considerations for investigation of human trafficking activities.

Topics include:

Global Problem of Human Trafficking • Economics of Human Trafficking • Human Trafficking Networks • Sex Trafficking • Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking • Myths About Human Trafficking • Human Trafficking Statutes • Role of Law Enforcement • Role of Healthcare Providers • Victim Identification • Working with Victims • Task Force Best Practices


This Internet-based training program includes the following S2 Online Academy lessons:

No. Lesson ID Lesson Title Presentation Time
1 LEO 230 Human Trafficking: The Problem 2h 14m
2 LEO 231 Legal Dimensions of Human Trafficking 33m 30s
3 LEO 232 Human Trafficking Investigation 1h 8m

Total completion time for this course is approximately 5 hours.

Testing And Documentation

The final exam for this course is administered online as a 20-question multiple-choice test. Upon completion of the test, the score is automatically graded and documented in the student's "My Courses" transcript (accessible from the "My Account" page). In accordance with S2 Online course policy, the student must complete the online test with a passing score of 80% or better to receive a Certificate of Training. If the student does not pass the test the first time, the student has one opportunity to re-test.

Student Comments

"Great course for law enforcement personnel dealing with the problem of human trafficking.
  C. Spence
Vanderburgh County Sheriff office
"Comprehensive and interesting course for those people dealing with the problem of human trafficking.
  B. Kiema
"It was a very informative course on Human Trafficing.
  T. Russell
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
"Very interesting and informative course.
  R. Herrera
University of Texas at Brownsville
"Very good course, well presented and a 'real time' feel to the material.
  T. Shannon
United Nations

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Average Student Rating:
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Restriction Level:
Level 1 - Open to the Public

Healthcare Providers, Immigration Personnel, Police Investigators

Expected Completion Time:
5 hours

20 questions, multiple-choice

System Requirements:
PC: Windows 98 or above
Macintosh: OS X or above
Linux: Flash 7 browser plugin & accelerated X
Browser capable of supporting Flash Player 7 Macromedia Flash Player 7 or later - Click here to get the latest version of Flash Player.
128 MB RAM
Pentium III 600 MHz or faster processor / OR Mac G4 600 MHz or faster Audio capability
High speed Internet - ADSL, Cable, T1+ (>=512 kBps)

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