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Introduction to Handwriting Analysis: Online

Handwriting Analysis ("Graphology") can expose many traits and characteristics that make up the personality of a writer. This insightful distance learning program is designed to provide security and public safety professionals with a foundation for understanding graphology. Through multimedia, case studies and hands-on analysis of actual writings, participants in this program will learn how to spot loyalty, trustworthiness, and initiative as well as signs of addiction, abuse, stress, and much more.

Topics include:

Capabilities and Limitations of Handwriting Analysis • Where to Start • Warning Signs • Case Studies • Developing Your Capability


This Internet-based training program includes the following S2 Online Academy lessons:

No. Lesson ID Lesson Title Presentation Time
1 INV 201 Introduction to Graphology 1h 5m

Total completion time for this course is approximately 1-2 hours.

Testing And Documentation

The final exam for this course is administered online as a 10-question multiple-choice test. Upon completion of the test, the score is automatically graded and documented in the student's "My Courses" transcript (accessible from the "My Account" page). In accordance with S2 Online course policy, the student must complete the online test with a passing score of 80% or better to receive a Certificate of Training. If the student does not pass the test the first time, the student has one opportunity to re-test.

Student Comments

"This course was excellent. It provided a viewpoint into investigations which I never realized was available. I look forward to next part of the course.
  J. Hill, Chief of Police
JasCo Metropolitan Police Department
"This course was one of the best online distance courses that I have ever taken. It was very informative and constructed in a professional manner.
  C. Bender
Lethbridge Community College
"This was the first course that I took through the S2 Institute, and I really enjoyed it, and learned alot of new, and useful skills that I'll be able to apply in my work as an investigator.
  C. Baldwin
United States Army
"A good deal of content, carefully explained by a gentleman who obvioulsy has experience and passion. It's good to note the course isn't oversold and includes a warning on the high examination failure rate.
  S. Payne
"A lot of information in a short time. Very informative overall.
  A. Clarke
Mercury Radio Arts
"What can I say except wow! The best.
  G. Jacobs
PSD Contractor
"As a novice to graphology I found the course, at the introductory level, to be extraordinarily informative. The platform was inviting and was delivered at an efficient pace.
  S. Joubert
Worcester County Sheriff's Dept
"Very well layed out class with a great deal of information. Barry Wilson speaks clearly and in detail. Great Job and an A+ course!
  S. Spentzakis
Anteon Corporation
"Mr. Wilson is very knowledgeable in this course and explains things in great details which make it easy to understand and learn.
  M. Cole
Investigator, Melinda Cole & Associates
"I am a full-time personal bodyguard and I learned an extraordinary amount of very useful information from this course. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the field of Executive Protection.
  N. White
"I was surprised at how much information I received from this course online. I am impressed!
  K. Sommers
"I found this course quite detailed and informing.
  N. Wyborn
Group 1 Security Pty Ltd
"This course was one of the best online distance courses that i have ever taken, it was very informative and constructed in a professional manner.
  C. Bender
The Bay
"An excellent class. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!
  J. Benedict
San Juan County - Clerk's Office
"Very interesting. I had no idea this was possible.
  D. Sackett
"The instructor covered a great deal of material in a brief period of time. However, he did so very fluidly and competently. The course was apropos for someone such as me, a novice.
  L. Kachurek
Niagara Falls, New York Police Department
"Excellent course, very interesting.
  K. Nagy
"Very informative course, and very useful information and skill to use.
  J. Ceja
Allied-Barton Security Services
"Great course. Clear explanation and good examples.
  M. Szalas
"I enjoyed this course due to level knowledge given while still remaining an introductory course.
  C. Spence
Vanderburgh County Sheriff Office
"Very good information.
  S. O'Connell
"Very interesting. Taught me a whole new way to look at writing.
  S. St. Ours
"Barry Wilson is an excellent instructor and a subject matter expert in his field. I look forward to taking more of his classes.
  B. Roethel
"It was very informative for the short time it took.
  K. Davydov
"Very detailed, tons of information in a short period, and very interesting.
  B. Wolfe
Wackenhut Corporation
"Very good course.
  F. Islamov
U.S. Army
"The instructor had a well rounded knowlegde of the subject.
  J. Alvarez
Broward County Sheriffs Office
"I was very impressed by the fact that there are that many things that can be discovered about a person just by their handwriting. The course was extremely interesting and informative.
  W. Sipes
"Good introduction to handwriting analysis...wetted my appetite to learn more on this topic.
  J. Rector
HQs Air Combat Command
"It was a very informative course. Well done!
  E. Martinson
Lower Colorado River Authority Police
"Excellent introduction to graphology.
  R. Steele
"As a first time participant in an online setting course, I thought the experience was overwhelming and indeed beneficial to my field of employment. The material was timely, user friendly, and the instructor, Mr.Barry Wilson, was one of a kind. My attention was captured all the way through. I got alot out of the course, and I would most certainly recommend this course to many others.
  K. Moss Jr.
Royal Bahamas Police Force
"This course was extremely informative. I would love to see additional handwriting analysis courses from S2.
  W. Hemberger
"I was satisfied with the course and it was very interesting.
  L. Lakotich
"An excellent class. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!
  J. Benedict
San Juan County Clerk's Office
"Very informative.
  C. Bachellor

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Average Student Rating:
82 students rate this course:



Restriction Level:
Level 1 - Open to the Public

Executive Protection Personnel, Human Resources Personnel, Investigators, Threat Analysts

Expected Completion Time:
1-2 hours

10 questions, multiple-choice

System Requirements:
PC: Windows 98 or above
Macintosh: OS X or above
Linux: Flash 7 browser plugin & accelerated X
Browser capable of supporting Flash Player 7 Macromedia Flash Player 7 or later - Click here to get the latest version of Flash Player.
128 MB RAM
Pentium III 600 MHz or faster processor / OR Mac G4 600 MHz or faster Audio capability
High speed Internet - ADSL, Cable, T1+ (>=512 kBps)

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